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    i have a big problem, that is related with woocommerce; i have contacted them and they say this has to be with the author of my theme:

    in my shop, i have different items – big and small – that have different shipping prices; i have created the shipping methods and classes, and applyed each to the relative product, however, when the checkout is reached, it gives the client the option of choosing either the cheapest or the most expensive price, even if the client only has 1 item on the cart, this can not happen!…
    basically, the option is the 2 classes i created for that country..

    how can i fix this?
    thank you



    Sorry, but they are incorrect and this is most definitely not theme related. Theme related issues tend to relate more to style and design of these options; a theme does not modify the available shipping options.

    I’m not quite sure I completely understand your problem, but it sounds like the shipping classes are setup incorrectly. Are you sure there are no default shipping options available to all products? Is this product definitely falling into one of your predefined shipping classes?

    These are probably better and more easily answered by the Woocommerce forum as this relates to plugin functionality and the theme does not modify this behavior.



    Hi joshua,

    i agree with you, and i told them that this is obviously a woocommerce issue, but because the woocommerce that comes with the template is a free version they basically don’t help at all.
    i found a way to solve the situation with a plugin that charges an extra shipping cost in some conditions, it’s not ideal but works for now.
    thank you,

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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