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    Hi Guys,

    Again, loving Fusion and Elementor as I keep working with both! Wanted to throw out a few wish list items for future consideration:

    1. Self hosted video option for row background (currently only youtube or vimeo). Love sites where there is autoloading / playing video upon entry for both desktop & mobile. pollenlondon.com is a great example.

    2. More options for the portfolio thumbnail hover. Text top left, bottom right, etc. Image zoom, images switch, etc.

    3. A lot of themes have an option to customize the URL link of a portfolio item. This way the user gets the great style of a portfolio item but can link it to a user defined page (internal or external – open new window).

    4. Single image hover with text build in. Could be the same effects offered for portfolio thumbs.

    5. Header options are great! But more options for the menu screen would be amazing. Menu slide in 50% of viewport. Menu item align right, align left. Menu items animation (all slide in) (items slide in one by one delay) etc. Werkstatt Theme is a great example of this

    Thanks so much for considering! (or let me know if I should contact you for paid customized work on any of the above).




    Hi Mike,

    Thanks for your input! Will definitely keep some of these in mind. Here are some feedback on these and potential short-term workarounds.

    1. I was just looking at this today. This will probably get added in.

    2. We may add in a few here, but since one of the main goals is to keep Fusion very performant, we probably won’t go overboard since this can be added individually.

    3. We used to add this in, but in the interest of less overhead we now use this plugin which is far superior and can be used for any post type. It has already been checked for compatibility with Fusion – https://wordpress.org/plugins/page-links-to/

    4. Same as #2. I like the idea, but we’ll have to prioritize features needed. We’ll probably end up adding in a few and let people add in their own styles as needed.

    5. This is definitely on the roadmap, but we have to give a bit more thought into its development. We use a Javascript animation engine here which provides better FPS than the usual CSS3 animations you on other themes, but makes things a bit less flexible to endusers. At a minimum we’ll add in more header options and the rest can be customized on a per user basis.

    For a quick couple lines of CSS, we’re always happy to help for free on the forum. If you have a laundry list of extras you want, you’re always welcome to contact us about paid work too.



    Joshua, you are amazing! Thanks so much for the quick replies! Gotcha on all. Will add the “links to” plug-in” on #3 and will certainly be emailing you directly on some customs for my first client project using fusion + elementor!

    Quick question, I am about to upgrade to Elementor Pro for their slider & form builder. Will the CSS of the fusion styled arrows (and previous & next text animation of the portfolio slider) be applied to the Elementor Pro slider?

    Thanks again sir!




    No problem, Mike!

    The arrows should be applied unless they start adding in CSS to override it. If that happens, you can post back here and I’ll see if we can make a quick fix.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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