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    Hi Joshua,

    On your Freelancer demo home page, there’s a little title that displays vertically beside the “Harry” — mine disappeared somehow and I can’t figure out how to get it back… it looked like it was on the OUTSIDE of the column of the first section, and I don’t know how to configure that.

    I found another vertical type element in one of your other demo templates (Heading 5), but I can’t figure out how to replicate it, or how/where you start with the heading element — do you place it in a column and then position it at 90°? How do you drag it and place it where you want it?

    Thank you (I really love all the little careful details you’ve put in this theme! Just trying to figure out how to make the most of them… properly)


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    There are several ways to go about positioning that text. They may all take just a bit of tweaking depending on how you want to position the text.

    The way that text is positioned in the Freelancer demo is by adding heading text to its own section, then we set the column for that text to “Position: absolute” under the Advanced tab and rotated it -90 degrees.

    You can do the same to the section, column, or individual widgets. The reason we chose this method is so we could still animate/parallax the heading element without interfering with the rotation. Additionally, it might be a good idea to not rotate or position the entire section just in case an element gets accidentally positioned offscreen or behind another layer and is no longer clickable/editable. This way, you can just delete the section should you have any problems.



    I’m sure that’s what happened to my old text element, it’s probably lurking around there somewhere I can’t see it. Thanks — I’ll play with this. Sounds tricky :)

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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