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    Hi! Joshua I need some help!
    1) I try to change the color of submit button of the contact form like other in my website!
    and change the text color inside the box of the contact form!

    2) change the color of social media in the about us section like the social media in the footer!

    3) below the slideshow y put a welcome section I try to change the background color and it’s ok I change the color but
    in in between of the slideshow and welcome section I see a white line because the body background is white of curse
    jeje but I think There will be some way to put the welcome section and the slideshow joined?

    my website is http://www.joanmarchant.com

    thanks for the help! have a nice day!



    1. If you’re trying to change the color of the typed text, try adding this to your Custom CSS and change color to your preferred:

    input, textarea {
        color: #ffffff;

    2. You can add in hover colors with the following Custom CSS. Make sure and replace the hex color you’d like to use in addition to the icon/social media name (e.g., facebook in the following example):

    .team-member .socialbar li .social-icon.social_facebook:hover {
        color: #baab8b;

    3. Sorry not quite sure where you’re referring to.



    oh thanks for help me!

    ok I put background color in the welcome section below the slideshow now and you see
    the white line in the middle of the slideshow and the welcome section this line is white because I put this color for the body background in the theme option but my doubt is exists form to joined this two section? because I don’t want to change the body background! I look and the reason of the line is for the size of the intro page exists the form to reduce the size page?

    and the other is the submit button in contact form I want this button to look the same style of other link button!
    thanks very much for the support and help me!
    the website link is http://www.joanmarchant.com



    The white space after your slider is caused by a linebreak. In your editor, make sure and remove any spaces or line breaks after your slider.

    The submit button in your contact form looks to be the same style as your other buttons. Maybe it looks different since it’s on a darker background. Is there something specific you need help changing?



    oh thanks very much Joshua :) have a nice day!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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