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    Hi there,

    I’m using Etch on a site that is hosted by Godaddy. It’s been up for a little longer than a month, and it’s starting to show a lot of internal errors when updating or creating new content during the save. Now the site is not letting users login and it went down completely (Error establishing connection to database message) for a few minutes this afternoon, but fixed itself. Do you have any suggestions on what could be causing the issue?



    A theme doesn’t have control over database credentials and logins, so this is not theme related. While a theme could potentially change the way data is saved, Etch does not.

    While it’s possible that a plugin could cause this behavior, the erratic nature of the errors (especially database related) would suggest hosting. GoDaddy is not a good host and I would never recommend them to a client. WP Engine is a great host, though not the cheapest at $29 a month, while Nexcess is still decent on the cheaper side.

    Of course before you switch hosts you should try disabling all plugins to see if this resolves your issue. If the issues are consistent, then this is where I would look first, but if they are as irregular as you describe them then I would guess it’s the host.

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