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    Hi Joshua,

    When I installed Fusion, there were a bunch of plugins that it asked me to install — once the site is built, are there any of these plug-ins that I can deactivate and/or delete to reduce site bloat?

    Elementor (required)
    Themeluxe Post type (required)
    Contact Form 7 (required)
    Anywhere Elementor (required)

    What about:

    Kirki Toolkit (I don’t actually know what this one is even for — do I need this?)

    I guess that’s it actually. Just Kirki is the one I don’t know.




    Technically the theme can run just fine without any of these plugins. Also, all these plugins have been selected and used base on how lightweight they are, so I wouldn’t worry too much about bloat.

    Elementor – the most crucial if you want to visually build add widgets to your pages.
    ThemeLuxe Post Types – disable if you’re not using the portfolio. Though this has no effect on front-end bloat.
    Contact Form 7 – disable if you’re not using contact forms
    Anywhere Elementor – disable if you’re not using any AE templates (used to visually embed in widget areas)
    Kirki Toolkit – This adds in the ability to use theme options



    THank you!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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