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    I have the theme set up but there seems to be a problem with the background image on the intro page. When viewed on mobile the image stretches and looks poor quality, the image on the banner image turns to flat colour and I was under the impression the top should do the same?



    @llev Please open your own support ticket for this issue and make sure to post a link to your site. This is a forum update thread for changes to the forum.

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    Hi @mycloc

    This is a public notice board. I’m not sure which theme you’re referring to, but you can open your own ticket by clicking on one of the forums to the right and scrolling down to see the ticket form. Feel free to open one there if you need help.



    I charged the DEMO CONTENT and everything is bad, also during importing DEMO I received many errors like:

    Warning: preg_replace(): The /e modifier is no longer supported, use preg_replace_callback instead in /homepages/43/d706179884/htdocs/behomeviviendas.com/wp-content/themes/glissando/framework/metabox/includes/wpalchemy/MetaBox.php on line 545

    What happend? I need solution.



    Hi @mmirgar

    Please open a ticket for your issue. This is a public announcement thread.



    Hi, I just purchased fusion theme. I upload to my website via wp dashboard, it showed HTTP ERROR 500, I tried uploading in cpanel, same error, I uploaded with ftp, same error. I tried with other theme, it’s working fine and why is there a problem with fusion theme?



    Hi @kijanmaharjan

    This is a public announcement thread. Please open your own support ticket.

    500 errors are internal server errors, so you’ll need to find the error from the error log or ask your host for the error message so that we can help.

    More often than not, these are server configuration problems related to either your PHP version or low memory limits set by your host.




    Sorry I can’t find a link to open a ticket.

    I purchased the Glissandro theme and I realise that the menu is not working on chrome and opera. The link on the menu items is broken so the menu is doing nothing.

    You can notice the same bug on the demonstration site at http://glissando.themeluxe.com/ on chrome.

    Is it possible to have a patch to resolve this issue?



    Hi @apokc

    Here’s the fix you’re looking for – http://themeluxe.com/support/topic/animations-and-autoscroll-stopped-working-on-crhome/#post-46986

    If you need more help, you can click on the Forum you’d like to use (“Glissando”) and scroll down to see the ticket form.

Viewing 10 posts - 16 through 25 (of 25 total)

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