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    Hi there, I while ago we made a site and upon request of the client we installed Glissando. Now, after a couple of years, the host updated PHP and a lot of the images stopped working. Who’s got an idea how I can fix this? The site is: http://www.preausports.nl



    You can try commenting out or removing line 63 from functions.php:

    // wp_enqueue_script( 'retina' );

    It may also be stemming from a Javascript error on the page (looks like it may be coming from a Mailchimp plugin).



    Hi Joshua, thnx for the tip. But it didn’t seem to do the trick, both the outcommenting and disabling several plugins. Funny thing is: there is no MailChimp plugin on the site… there is a MailChimp signup form in the footer, but removing that also didn’t fix anything.

    I asked help from some former colleagues… I’ll post it here if we found a solution…

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    Aaah, we got it. After the php update <? didn’t work anymore. Everything has to be <?php !

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