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    Hi there,

    In the past month, the header text on our site is loading last, thus slowing down the above the fold content load significantly. I thought it might be the google font import location in the header, but it’s still slow after I moved it up. Any thoughts on what could be happening here?
    Here’s the site link: https://cloud4good.com/



    Are you using Tyepkit or a plugin that uses it?

    Looks like a Typekit is attempting to load on your site and the theme hides fonts until Typekit is loaded. You can disable this by adding this to your Custom CSS:

    .wf-loading .h1,.wf-loading .h3,.wf-loading .h4,.wf-loading .h5,.wf-loading h1,.wf-loading h2,.wf-loading h3,.wf-loading h4,.wf-loading h5,.wf-loading p,.wf-loading span{visibility:visible !important;}



    Thanks Joshua!

    Worked like a charm

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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