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    Hi Joshua,

    This is my first time using Elementor, so I’ve been relying on their tutorials to understand how your layouts are built and how to modify them properly. The way that the tools look in their demos do not match up with what I’m seeing in the Fusion theme though. They have extra buttons (like a hide button on the right side of the tool panel that allows you to expand and collapse the panel to see your page), and even on sections / columns, they seem to have extra tabs at the corners that identify what the sections are called and let you hold on to them to drag them around easily.

    Can you provide any comment on this? I’m finding it a little hard to use / decipher how your demos are built so that I can add on to them… and wondering if there’s a setting that I can change to find those extra functional bits.



    Sorry, you can disregard this message. I think the Elementor interface has probably just changed since they did their demo videos. I think I figured out the new icons that correspond to their old tabbed interface. Takes a bit of getting used to.



    Elementor does seem to be just a bit lagging behind in documentation and videos sometimes.

    Also worth noting that the theme “unfixes” the Elementor toolbar so you can move it around, but this can be disabled under Appearance->Customizer if you’d prefer it fixed to the side.




Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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