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    Hello Joshua,

    I’m still getting some issues with the css stylesheets linking to the http instead of https in the header. If I refresh the page it fixes it, but I’m nervous about this because I’ve done no less than 25 clear caches and hard refreshes in inspect mode on chrome so I’d be very surprised if this was simply a caching error. I’ll double check the HTACCESS file again just in case, but it’s doing it to the dev site as well, which has the standard WP htaccess file. Do you think this could be a version issue on the template? Should I download the latest just in case?



    Just reloaded the site 20 times and was not able to replicate; it’s almost definitely a caching issue.

    I can tell you with absolute certainty that updating the theme won’t have an effect though as themes (when properly enqueuing stylesheets) don’t have control over the URL protocol. If you’re getting it ‘sometimes’ on the same page without making any changes, it really does point towards your browser cache, plugin cache, or potentially server cache.

    Generally URLs not using https are issues with your WordPress install configuration, but the fact that its happening intermittently doesn’t make it very likely.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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