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    Hi, I’m changing my website to fusion because elementor :), but I see that the sidebar configuration is different from the conventional system. I want to have a main right sidebar in blog and entries. How can I do to have it like our actual blog page (https://vandba.com/blog/) ?



    You can create a blog page using the Post Grid widget and drag a sidebar onto this page as well. Make sure to remove this as the selected blog post page under WordPress settings.

    The Post Grid functions identically to a blog, but with more options and more flexibility in terms of styling.

    The alternative is to modify the template files in your child theme, which I can also help you with, but the above solution is the recommended and will work for almost all cases.



    Hello Joshua, thanks for your respose.
    I need help again; my question is about porfolio items:

    1) When i create a new portfolio item, elementor module position is not centered, so when i make rows, there puts in the left side of muy screen. Sounds strange.

    2) I want to disable default title and footer elements in portfolio. Footer is more important, because i want to put my own footer bar.

    I attached a youtube url printscreen video showing both problems.
    ¿How can i doo to have a “normal” footer in portfolio elements?


    Thanks for your support.



    1. It looks like you may be using a portfolio style with the featured content right and the textual content on the left. Since featured content is auto-populated by your featured image or gallery, this is the correct behavior.

    2. Don’t mind providing a few lines of CSS to help you make some customizations, but need to be able to see the actual site to help.



    Hello Joshua.
    I think i don’t know where to change the portfolio style to get elementor full screen size :(

    I removed coming soon mode to check the site


    If you nedd also user and password, be free to go in:

    Thanks so much for your support



    You can change the portfolio style under Customizer->Portfolio. The preset styles all take care of adding in featured images and content. If you want to hide these and style entirely through Elementor, you can hide each of your elements via CSS:

    .single-portfolio .page-header {
        display: none;
    .single-portfolio .col-md-6.main {
        width: 100%;
        max-width: 100%;
    .single-portfolio .col-md-6.col-featured {
        display: none !important;

    Let me know if you have other elements on this page you’d like to hide.



    Hello Joshua, i found different ways yo told me to customize portfolio (customizer-porftolio), but any to keep an element as footer. It allways leave a white space under my footer. I insert your css code but it does not work fine. I would like to have same footer elements as my other pages (is because my client want to keep same style and colours everywhere).
    Thank you very much.

    I attach a video screen



    Hello Again Joshua. I tried to change my strategy putting all products in woocommerce. Without elementor works ok: title an description appears at the right of image, but when i turn on elementor, everithing goes up as 300px… and title disappears? what is happening?? is about my web server? i’m so confused; i think is not caché :S :S
    Please help.

    Product without elementor:


    Product with elementor:




    It’s not the cache or your server; the title is there and working.

    Because you’re using Elementor, the page removes all default padding to allow you to fully configure through Elementor. Your title is currently hidden underneath your header menu. If you add more padding to the top of your section, you’ll see the title is there.



    Ok Joshua. I will try to be more specific with my questions:
    First of all, i disable all my css code introduced.

    In this product, made without elementor:
    1. Why if you go down and put your mouse over second produc, 3rd product moves to the right?
    2. Why title goes up and stay into image when you over?
    3. Is neccesary to use Elementor for get a footer similar than other pages, like home page?

    With Elementor enabled (i enabled to look how to build my footer), i found something wrong. Please, see the video to check my issue:

    Thank so much for your support



    1. I’ve watched your video several times and checked your site and can’t see this happening. Are you referring to the page moving when hovering the ‘related products’ images? If so, see #2.

    2. This is the default behavior of Fusion. The buy now button appears underneath if it’s available when hovered, but you currently don’t have that option for your products. Do you want to disable the hover effect?

    3. Your footer should be the same under all pages if you’re using the Footer Widget area properly. You should put your footer content into this widget, but it looks like you may be building out your footer separately on each page?



    Hello Joshua,
    Primarily, I would like to excuse me for my English but it is not easy for me to communicate you all the errors that we are finding working with elementor.

    Such problems arise particularly when I compose the page of this product designed with elementor.
    ( I attached the link below “Product link”).

    I will try to explain again as clearly as possible:

    1. The first problem appears in the section titled “Productos relacionados”. Why when I move my mouse over the product titled “ Recortes de pota” the other two products “Botones de pota” and “ Anillas de pota” slides to the right.

    2. The second issue also appears in the section titled “Productos relacionados”. Why the title of the products scrolls upwards when you move your mouse over the product?
    Is it normal? How can I do to delete it?

    3. The third issue arises when I try to design or compose the product page with elementor, and it is a display problem. Concretely, when I compose the page I can introduce different modules like text but they don’t appear in the preview if I don’t attach an image.
    I attached a video to try to show you the issue: https://youtu.be/9o4WuvNcfIw
    In other words, If I don’t attached an image the rest of the content is not displayed.
    Why is this happening?

    I would like to thank you in advance for your support and understanding in this
    area as well.



    I think we’re going around in circles a little bit here. I’ll answer your questions again in a different way, but I think I’ve answered most of this above:

    1. I still think this is related to #2, but if you still need help after fixing #2, I’ll need a page and section to see this on.

    2. Yes, as stated above, this is normal and expected behavior. You can disable via CSS:

    html body .site-content .product.type-product > a > .woocommerce-loop-product__title,
    html body .site-content .product.type-product:hover > a > .woocommerce-loop-product__title {
        margin-top: 10px !important;

    3. Woocommerce product pages appear to be buggy with Elementor. This is an issue they need to address – https://github.com/pojome/elementor/issues/1690

    That said, I personally would not use Elementor on product pages anyway. The benefit to the product pages is a predefined layout and trying to use Elementor on pages with predefined layouts (shop, products, etc) is going to make your life a lot harder. If you do not want to use this and would prefer to customize every product page using Elementor, then it’s going to be more beneficial to just use pages instead of product/portfolio pages.



    Thank you for the quick response!

    By the way, we have noticed another issue when we proceed to create a menu with different levels.

    1. The main problem appears when we drag the sub Level pages into their position. Then, when we click on the 1st level page, this menu item that does not link to another page. It just serves to drop-down the submenus, losing the link to the page. How can we fix it?

    2. The second issue, probably it’s related with the first one. When we create a third level, it directly doesn’t appear. Why it happens? How can we solve it?

    We have tried to replace the template “fusion” to “twenty seventeen” to check if the problem persists. But we noticed that with “twenty seventeen” the multi-level menu works perfectly.

    We add this video to show you the menu problem: https://youtu.be/1Yc00Ss3Nw8

    3. PAges with an structure like “http://sabanamarpacifico.pe/productos/mahi-mahi/mahi-mahi-porciones/” in twenty seventeen” works properly, meanwhile in the fusion template doesn’t. ¿What can we do to fix it?




    1. This is intentional. Submenu triggers that also act as links are objectively poor UI, especially on mobile.

    That said, if you’re really set on changing this, you can do so by adding this line after line 109 in fusion/inc/vendor/wp-bootstrap-navwalker.php:

    $atts['href'] = ! empty( $item->url ) ? $item->url : '';

    2. Not really a bug since Fusion was not designed to use 3rd level nesting structures, but you can add them in by adding this to your Custom CSS:

    .dropdown-menu li.menu-item-has-children:hover > ul {
        display: block;
    .dropdown-menu li.menu-item-has-children > ul {
        left: 100%;
        top: 0;

    3. What kind of page is that supposed to be? Are you overriding the settings for your portfolio slug in theme options? Have you saved your permalinks under Settings->Permalinks?

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