CSS to display lists

  • My question (I’m not a web coder) , is there any way to activate the .li .ol and .ul css tags back ?
    I know I can use "Custom CSS" , but what to fill in that box .

    I tried :

    .entry li { padding-bottom: 10px; }

    But big fail.
    Kind regards.

  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    Hi jean-sebastien,

    I'll help you out with that line. I just need to know specifically what about the list you want to change. For example, do you just want standard bullet points for this list or something else?

  • Hi Joshua

    Thanks for the reply.
    No 'specific' feature needed. Just the fact when I use bullets or numbered list into the Worpress editor it produce bullets or numbers in front of the line. (at least for and
      tags).like that
    1. Num text
    2. Num text
    3. Num text

    • Bullet text
    • Bullet text
    • Bullet text

    Kind regards.

  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    Add this to your Custom CSS:

    ul { list-style: disc; }
    ol { list-style: numeric; }

    Let me know if you have any questions.
  • Perfect , you give me the way to solve the issue (typo and format)

    It works with
    ul { list-style-type:circle; }
    ol { list-style-type:numeric; }

  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    list-style is actually controls list-style-type and a number of other elements so the former actually gives you a little more control over the list. Both ways should work (tested on our server), but list-style will let you control more elements of the list.
  • Hello,

    I also used

    ul { list-style: disc; }
    ol { list-style: numeric; }

    To get bulleted text in one of my tabs, and it solves the problem of not getting bullets there,. However this also puts bullets in front of other elements, such as the categories in the portfolio, the social icons in the team page, etc.

    Can we prevent that from happening?

    Thank you in advance,

    Kind Regards,

  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    Give your list a class and then modify your CSS accordingly. So when you write the list in HTML it should start like this:
    <ul class="mylist">

    Then your CSS would look like this:
    .mylist { list-style: disc; }
  • That solved it! Excellent support, fast and accurate. Good job!
  • Why would you change the default Wordpress behaviour for lists? Just curious.
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    This isn't changing any wordpress behavior. It's modifying the CSS for design on the page (it's what themes do). In this case we didn't like the traditional list style look and it interfered with a number of plugins using lists so we opted to change it.

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