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  • hi - great theme! - could you point me in the direction of how to add video to a portfolio? i'm able to put in the youtube iframe embed code and a 'featured image' thumbnail, but then the thumbnail when clicked on doesn't open the video unless the video title text is clicked...is there something i'm missing? thanks!
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    If you're referring to the pretty photo (lightbox) then this does not link to videos. Only project details displays the video.

    If you're having a different issue, however, please link to your page and point out the exact spot you're having trouble with.
  • Many thanks! - final question then: How can I get a link to open OUTSIDE of the site (i.e. in a new browser tab rather than within the one page)? I've tried all the versions of [link target="_blank" etc.. but every link scrolls to the base of the page and hangs....
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    You also have to add in the separate attribute with the link to make sure it opens separately from the one page theme (check documentation for link and button shortcodes to find this).
  • great - ok, final final question (promise!) on this page: http://thisfluidworld.com/video-testimonials how can i get the blogpost titles ABOVE the video rather than beneath it - and remove the published date?

    then we're done :)
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    You would have to edit each of the post format types. For example, format-standard.php, format-video.php, etc.

    So in format-standard.php, you would grab lines 33-48 and cut/paste them below line 9. Then to remove the meta (date) information, just remove the following line:
    <?php get_template_part('post-meta'); ?>
  • fab - thanks - you've been a tremendous help.
  • Is there anyway to modify the site so the Video does play in the Pop Out LIghtbox.. I bought this Theme based on the understanding the it was capable of this. As this is how it is presented in your documentation. Having to click twice will kill user experience
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    No, the theme is not capable of this out of the box. It's not available anywhere on the demo site or in the features list so we certainly weren't trying to be deceptive.

    It is possible to do with some modification, but it may take a bit of custom coding if you want to be able to do this.
  • Yes I definitely need this option and a point in the right direction, can something be written in the custom HTML that will do this? I don't believe there is intentional misguiding on behalf of the ThemeLuxe team. However it is not made completely clear that video will only load from a text link. I'm a huge fan of this theme and think your team have done a fantastic job including almost anything someone needs to make a great looking portfolio site.. any help or support you could offer to make video load in the portfolio pop out would be gratefully appreciated.
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    Okay, here's the best way to implement this:

    1) In library/meta_boxes.php after lin 159, add the following,

    'name' => __('Video Link', 'qs_framework'),
    'id' => $prefix . 'video_link',
    'type' => 'text',
    'std' => '',
    'desc' => ''

    2) Then in includes/portfolio-#c.php (depending on which column number you're using), replace link 94 with the following 2 lines:

    <?php $prettyPhoto_link = (qs_get_meta('qs_video_link', $project->ID) ? qs_get_meta('qs_video_link', $project->ID): $large_image[0]) ?>
    <a rel="prettyPhoto[gallery]" href="<?php echo $prettyPhoto_link ?>">

    Let me know if this works.
  • Thanks but unfortunatley that did not work you can see the results here http://www.paintinginpictures.com/test/.. Portfolio is listed as 'Our Work'.. see The franki show icon at bottom of list ..
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    Looks like it is working, but you need to put in the link to the Vimeo page, not the actual video code. Let me know if this works after you change it.
  • Changing the Code fixed the Icon image but still no video load.. just hangs on the waiting wheel when selected
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    It appears this may be a bug in prettyPhoto. Even when I try to view vimeo on their demo site, I have this issue. Can you use youtube? You should be able to use Youtube without any issues.

  • OK found the solution need to remove the s from HTTPS:// when posting vimeo page link.. then Vimeo Video will work.. ie: if page link is https:// change to http://

    Thanks Joshua for your help on this
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    Great! Thanks for posting back what worked for you.
  • Hi,

    I'd like to do exactly the same, only the line numbers I have seem to be way out. Can you please tell be where in the code the two amendments should be addded.


  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    I don't understand what you're asking. The code above discusses how to do this and where to place the code.

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