Mobile Menu Doesn't Scroll

  • While checking my site on an iPhone 4s, if I click the menu icon in the top right to open the menu, I can see that there are more menu items below the fold, but when I try to scroll down to that area, the scroll applies to the site in the background (behind the menu) instead of the menu itself.
  • Thanks, that mostly works. It seems that when you're on the one page layout, if you try to scroll on the menu, it closes automatically such that you cannot click on anything below the fold. You can at least see it now though.
  • JoshuaJoshuaAdmin
    I haven't encountered this problem. What device are you using, what browser, and what OS?
  • I'm using an iPhone 4s, Safari, iOS 6.0.1. When you click on the menu icon, it opens, but then when you try to scroll down, it grabs and scrolls, but as soon as you take your finger off the screen, the menu closes. It only happens on the one page layout thought. On all my other non one page layout pages, it doesn't do it. Odd.
  • Same Here: iPhone 4 iOS 6.1, Chrome & Safari

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